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Patterns & Materials

ALL of our patterns are available to buy as instantly downloadable pdf files from our Ravelry store. Click on the links below to see pattern categories:

1:12th scale knitting

1:12th scale crochet

1:6th scale kniiting (for Ken, Barbie, GI Joe, Action Man dolls)

1:24th scale knitting

1:24th scale crochet

Patterns for miniature teddy bears

Standard size knitting

Standard size crochet

Patterns include 1:12th (one inch) scale and 1:24th (half inch) scale knitting patterns, covering the period from the13th Century to the present day. We also have a range of Traditional British knitting patterns, including, Arans, fishing ganseys & Shetland Lace.

• All 1/12th scale patterns can be adapted for 1/16th scale by knitting with needles two sizes smaller.
• Men’s patterns can be knitted for 1/12th scale ladies or youths by using size 21 needles instead of size 19 needles.
• Most patterns contain more than one item, a few patterns may also contain crochet, these are all clearly marked.
• Some patterns are graded as suitable for Intermediate or experienced knitters. This refers to knitting in miniature as well as full size. If this is your first attempt at miniature knitting try a simple pattern first.

Miniature crochet patterns
We have a range of miniature crochet patterns in both 1:12th (one inch) and 1:24th (half inch) scale. These are mainly for household items and Christmas decorations from Victorian times to the present day.

Patterns for small Teddy Bears
As Teddy bears have different proportions to humans we have designed some patterns, which are suitable for small teddy bears.

Note: Our patterns are for private use only. Reproducing or transmitting these patterns by any means for any purpose other than for personal use constitutes a violation of UK copyright law.


Knitting pattern for a 1:12th scale dress
1:12th scale knitted fishermans set
1:24th scale knitted bedcover

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